Tiny Home Rules...

Washington DC is no exception to the National Standard of restricting how & where people choose to build their homes. Building code in DC hasn't been updated in 58 very long years. MicroShowcase has a great way of explaining DC very confusing building code. Click Here! 

It's mind boggling how Elected Officials and Residents have failed to push for updates on building code. Furthermore mind boggling is how developers in DC are getting away with bending such codes to work to their advantage when constructing 4 story "pop ups" that totally ruin the historical aspect of DC row homes.
Side note- For those unaware of the DC pop-up situation see The Prince of Petworth's rendition, it's quite disturbing how builders are getting away with this. Click Here!

Many people have become privy to tiny living for many reasons.
- Reduces debt from a lifetime mortgage to on average 5-10 years
(If you don't pay as you go, eliminating debt all together.)  
- Allows you to better appreciate the space and things you have.
(The less the merrier!)
- No more endless cleaning!
(cleaning 200 square-feet is a breeze)
- Reduces food waste
(Limited food storage situation, how much food can you really waste??)

The real question is- Can we (purposefully) live tiny in DC?!
The answer-  ...maybe. But  not currently.

Minimu House built by MicroShowcase Click Here to see more!

There's a small plot of alley land in NE DC where MicroShowcase has a tiny compound of sorts. Studio, living space, and trailer house (not as trailer park vibe as you'd expect). The first time Oscar and I drove pass this compound (while trying to escape the seemingly endless traffic of North Cap St) we were blown away. I actually stopped the car and Oscar wanted to get out to find out more, and of course oogle it. However we were trying to escape traffic because we has somewhere to be, so on we journeyed. We've passed this place a few more times and each time we pass, we slow roll to admire and imagine- could this one day be us? 
Each conversation of our aspirations to become tiny homeowners usually ends in a "But why?" with a confused look. "You won't be able to fit all your stuff in a shipping container!" "Won't you get sick of being so close to each other??" and also the classic "Well that's just silly." 
We'll see how silly it is when we have a very affordable home with everything we need and nothing we don't.

Have you been curious about the world of tiny homes? Do you live in a tiny home? 
Whats the deal DC? Why can't we see that not everyone fits in the conventional row house or apartment building? Holla back with your insights :)

Tiny Home Living!

I've been infatuated with tiny home living as of lately... the idea of paying $200k to essentially lease land and "own" a home in the DMV has been very daunting in my post grad life. I'm not alone when it come to student debt & credit and I know others are wondering if it's possible to own a house before you can retire. That's right no mortgage. No rent bill. Essentially just taxes (which no one can escape) and minimal utilities... HELLO SOLAR POWER! Well I think it's possible and I've found a few people across the USA that have the same opinion. 

This first video is a bit... out there. & its a little long. But! The land owner has a great idea, that one can buiid on. Can you imagine living in your own incorporated town?? #VivaLaTexas (Hay Shannon!!) Please, watch with an open mind. 

This next video is what I think the world best tiny house. But The Van Thompson's know my style, regardless of the fact we've never met. Enyjoy the next two videos and imagine what it could be like to live in a tiny house.

So what do you think? 
Could you live in a tiny house?
Maybe just for a vay-cay? Maybe indefinitely? 
Holla back!

A Forgotten World Revisited in DC

It's no secret at this point... I LOVE old stuff. The more dilapidated the better to look at!  Washington DC has a taste for renovation these days. If you live or pass through the District I'm sure you've seen the crazy 4 and 5 story pop-up condos that sit right in the middle of 100 year old historic row homes that give our city it's remarkable charm. Luckily developers have been stopped with a hold on all proposals for pop-up units. Yay building code- save our beautiful city! 

Dupont Circle area is well known for it's gorgeous  row homes, shops, fountain and park tucked just north of the Downtown district. Something new is coming down the pipeline in Dupont, well it's actually new to us, the structure it self is quite old. Dupont Underground is a new project that is reviving old DC. 

The Dupont Underground is a non-profit group that is NOT receiving any funding from the DC gov't. This group will attempt to re-open the whopping  70,000 subterranean square feet over the next few years. What do they hope to cultivate when open? Art, theater, food, culture, and a new space for the growing population of DC to get to know each other and their city a little better.

 Here's a link to a more in depth look at the Dupont Underground project.

Is your art inspired by a time forgotten? Do you use reclaimed materials/object when making art? Let us know with a link to your work!

3 Things Every Crafter SHOULDN'T Do...

I recently watched a video by Angela Walters, an experienced quilter. She had some very thoughtful pointers on what NOT to do, which can be a great lesson to any crafter. If you quilt, make felt sculptures, paint, sew, garden, whatever your craft may be, Angela has some great advice. If you like her work and advice you can check out more of her stuff on her blog- Quilting Is My Therapy. What's your advice to new and experienced crafters? Leave a comment below :)

When it comes to improving your machine quilting skills, following a "Don't Do" list can be an effective way to enjoy the process more. Based on a lecture given at QuiltCon, Angela Walters shares the things that you should stop doing to become a better quilter.

Price of Fusion! Mineral Based Paint goes Up January 1!

Hey DC Crafters! get your favorite fusion color at $18.99 a pint before the new year from The Market house!

I know what you're thinking, not another craft paint! 
Well Fusion is not just another craft paint, its the best furniture paint on the market today.
Blogger Melanie of Lost & Found gives us an excellent breakdown about the differences between Fusion Mineral Paint™ and chalk-like paints here.

so give fusion a whirl! are ready tried it and love it? let the people of the internet know by commenting below! know someone crafty? give them a pint of Fusion and change their life :)