thought provoking ways of artful living in the desert

Brad Landcaster has gone to many lengths, some formerly illegal, to harvest the rainwater that falls over his desert home in Tucson AZ. After the city planners saw what good his modification of the curbs outside his home did, the rain catching system was actually made mandatory on all new construction in the city. Furthermore if your a resident that decided to harvest rainwater (which he teaches how to collect and use efficiently) you can get a $2k rebate! You go Brad!
Brad has me thinking how my next home can actually feed my garden and go beyond being a block on the Earth to live in... watch this hour long interview/tour produced and directed by Kirsten Dirksen and see if you'd like to mod your abode to be more rainwater functional and friendly! If you are interested CLICK HERE to learn more about the process and Brad's journey of rainwater harvesting.

When Brad Lancaster and his brother bought their home in downtown Tucson, the streetscape was a dusty place, devoid of trees or any vegetation. In 1998, Lancaster took a handsaw and cut away part of his curb to divert rainwater into the neglected space.