Tiny IS Beautiful & Functional!

I've been doing some exploring of tiny home living after having to downsize my living quarters by about 50%... That in it self was quite a struggle as I am still looking to cut the clutter that I haven't even unpacked yet! Thinking of moving in to a living space thats less that 300 sqft seems do-able and daunting all at the same time.
Refinery29 has a great tour of a very quaint tiny home that is built to order- for a pretty penny. New Frontier Tiny Homes has their first model they call the Alpha that is pretty amazing and reminds me of a Tetris game... in a good way!

Heres R29 tour for a looksee!

And for those who like the video tour... The Alpha virtual tour

Tell us what you think of tiny home living in the comments below! Could you downsize to something as small as the Alpha or smaller?? Have you downsized and currently live in a tiny home? If so, share your advice with us on how to downsize :)

The fact that you can have a somewhat portable view with out being in an RV is great motivation for downsizing!