The Kasita is ground breaking.

Jeff Wilson out of Austin TX has thought provoking ways of approaching livable spaces. He thinks about housing design not like a builder, or an architect, or even an interior designer but hired a team of product designers to tackle the challenge of living small... Very unconventional. Jeff has taken in to account the portability of a small living space that many have put on wheels and has developed a pod system thats very plug and play-esque.
The idea- You buy a Kasita and either plop it on your land & live solo, connecting to utilities (or not) on your own. OR you can plug in to the apartment like grid that he plans to manufacture for land owning individuals to buy and play landlord, of sorts. His hopes is that the Kasita takes off and land owners across the globe buy in to the prefab structure and Kasita owners can travels easily with their abodes. It's great for people who own their own biz, work remotely 100% of the time, or just like the idea of being able to move without packing up in a million boxes and feeling at home the minute they walk in to their home in it's new location! 

Take a look at this mini documentary/interview by Kirsten Dirksen and see for yourself!
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