Family Rights & Maternity Leave - Why Is This Not A BIGGER Deal?

It's 2016. As a nation the US has overcome A LOT when it comes to human rights. Sometimes I (maybe we) forget that the citizens of the past have sacrificed quite a lot for the people of today to live as freely as were accustomed. All citizens can vote regardless of their sex or race. Same sex marriage is finally a thing in many states. National minimum wage is still embarrassingly low at about $7.50hr but states and DC have taken the initiative to raise it- some going up to $15hr by 2022. The idea of Obama-care is appealing, weather or not it works is very debatable... All really great things HOWEVER- we are 1 of 2 nations in the world (yes, the entire WORLD) that do not have a standard government funded maternity/paternity leave program.


Capitalism- the driving force of this nation (sadly) needs us to procreate to keep surviving.  Yet, the lobbyists, Republicans and Democrats do not support families with the simple policy of a government funded maternity leave program. This is a vicious cycle that continues to feed the welfare system and break the backs of mothers across the nation. Many employers have substandard maternity leave programs- if any at all. 
There are compelling arguments against having a gov't funded maternity/paternity leave program. I find it far more attractive to have a baby if my tax dollars will help support me when I need it the most. The people in my generation (20 somethings) probably won;t benefit from Social Security like our grand parents did when they retired. So why not focus that lost tax money on something a little more useful- the future generation that's happening now.

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Broadly (a sister channel of VICE) is worth subscribing to to keep up on global issues that effect women directly. 
Here's their episode on this issue that many people choose to ignore completely until they are faced with the problem personally...  

The United States and Papua New Guinea are the only two countries in the world that do not guarantee paid maternity leave. Despite the fact that the US ranks second in the world for highest GDP while Papua New Guinea falls at 139th, working women in both countries face the same fears, often having to choose between motherhood and a career.

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