The Kasita is ground breaking.

Jeff Wilson out of Austin TX has thought provoking ways of approaching livable spaces. He thinks about housing design not like a builder, or an architect, or even an interior designer but hired a team of product designers to tackle the challenge of living small... Very unconventional. Jeff has taken in to account the portability of a small living space that many have put on wheels and has developed a pod system thats very plug and play-esque.
The idea- You buy a Kasita and either plop it on your land & live solo, connecting to utilities (or not) on your own. OR you can plug in to the apartment like grid that he plans to manufacture for land owning individuals to buy and play landlord, of sorts. His hopes is that the Kasita takes off and land owners across the globe buy in to the prefab structure and Kasita owners can travels easily with their abodes. It's great for people who own their own biz, work remotely 100% of the time, or just like the idea of being able to move without packing up in a million boxes and feeling at home the minute they walk in to their home in it's new location! 

Take a look at this mini documentary/interview by Kirsten Dirksen and see for yourself!
Would you buy a Kasita? Why or why not? Leave your thoughts below in the comments!

Family Rights & Maternity Leave - Why Is This Not A BIGGER Deal?

It's 2016. As a nation the US has overcome A LOT when it comes to human rights. Sometimes I (maybe we) forget that the citizens of the past have sacrificed quite a lot for the people of today to live as freely as were accustomed. All citizens can vote regardless of their sex or race. Same sex marriage is finally a thing in many states. National minimum wage is still embarrassingly low at about $7.50hr but states and DC have taken the initiative to raise it- some going up to $15hr by 2022. The idea of Obama-care is appealing, weather or not it works is very debatable... All really great things HOWEVER- we are 1 of 2 nations in the world (yes, the entire WORLD) that do not have a standard government funded maternity/paternity leave program.


Capitalism- the driving force of this nation (sadly) needs us to procreate to keep surviving.  Yet, the lobbyists, Republicans and Democrats do not support families with the simple policy of a government funded maternity leave program. This is a vicious cycle that continues to feed the welfare system and break the backs of mothers across the nation. Many employers have substandard maternity leave programs- if any at all. 
There are compelling arguments against having a gov't funded maternity/paternity leave program. I find it far more attractive to have a baby if my tax dollars will help support me when I need it the most. The people in my generation (20 somethings) probably won;t benefit from Social Security like our grand parents did when they retired. So why not focus that lost tax money on something a little more useful- the future generation that's happening now.

What are your thoughts? Let us know below!

Broadly (a sister channel of VICE) is worth subscribing to to keep up on global issues that effect women directly. 
Here's their episode on this issue that many people choose to ignore completely until they are faced with the problem personally...  

The United States and Papua New Guinea are the only two countries in the world that do not guarantee paid maternity leave. Despite the fact that the US ranks second in the world for highest GDP while Papua New Guinea falls at 139th, working women in both countries face the same fears, often having to choose between motherhood and a career.

To lighten the mood a bit, watch this cheeky music video about hot moms... try not to laugh! 

thought provoking ways of artful living in the desert

Brad Landcaster has gone to many lengths, some formerly illegal, to harvest the rainwater that falls over his desert home in Tucson AZ. After the city planners saw what good his modification of the curbs outside his home did, the rain catching system was actually made mandatory on all new construction in the city. Furthermore if your a resident that decided to harvest rainwater (which he teaches how to collect and use efficiently) you can get a $2k rebate! You go Brad!
Brad has me thinking how my next home can actually feed my garden and go beyond being a block on the Earth to live in... watch this hour long interview/tour produced and directed by Kirsten Dirksen and see if you'd like to mod your abode to be more rainwater functional and friendly! If you are interested CLICK HERE to learn more about the process and Brad's journey of rainwater harvesting.

When Brad Lancaster and his brother bought their home in downtown Tucson, the streetscape was a dusty place, devoid of trees or any vegetation. In 1998, Lancaster took a handsaw and cut away part of his curb to divert rainwater into the neglected space.

Tiny IS Beautiful & Functional!

I've been doing some exploring of tiny home living after having to downsize my living quarters by about 50%... That in it self was quite a struggle as I am still looking to cut the clutter that I haven't even unpacked yet! Thinking of moving in to a living space thats less that 300 sqft seems do-able and daunting all at the same time.
Refinery29 has a great tour of a very quaint tiny home that is built to order- for a pretty penny. New Frontier Tiny Homes has their first model they call the Alpha that is pretty amazing and reminds me of a Tetris game... in a good way!

Heres R29 tour for a looksee!

And for those who like the video tour... The Alpha virtual tour

Tell us what you think of tiny home living in the comments below! Could you downsize to something as small as the Alpha or smaller?? Have you downsized and currently live in a tiny home? If so, share your advice with us on how to downsize :)

The fact that you can have a somewhat portable view with out being in an RV is great motivation for downsizing!

Cuba- The Real Birth Place of D.I.Y.

I don't think I need to give a history lesson on the US/Cuba relationship. It's been in the news lately as a place where America will pick up where it left off after it's massive break up in 1961. Many people think this newly repaired relationship will only destroy the Cuban culture that has blossomed since the 1960's. Others think this new source of tourism will help the Cuban people "get back of their feet".  Modern day Havana is a sea of vintage/antique cars that all in working order. Americans could take a few lessons in conservation from our neighbors across the bay. Instead of throwing it away- how can we make it new again, serve another purpose? Not just recycle but- UP-CYCLE! Cubans are extremely resourceful. Here's a look at a side of Cuba you might not expect to see- it's DIY scene... 

Source: MOTHERBOARD Cuba's economy began to implode. "The Special Period in the Time of Peace" was the government's euphemism for what was a culmination of 30 years worth of isolation. It began in the 60s, with engineers leaving Cuba for America.